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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Green Makes Sense

Since the last time I wrote about this subject, we have expanded our recycling to include: 1. Ink Toner and Cartiges 2. Plastics 3. Aluminum and tin - we donated the tabs to whatever schho/ orginization is collecting them. There is always a group that collects those. 4. Yard waste - we asked our yard people to mow the grass using a mulcher - we are going organic. This, we found out, is the best feed for the grass. (please not comments from feed companies etc.) Any other yard waste goes into a compost pile. Our yard man said, that in time for fall, we will be able to use it on the shrubs - no need to buy mulch - we make our own now. Another benefit: in our area we are limited to one garbage bin (a pretty big one) each week. We have to pay for additional bags. We have not paid anything extra for at least a year now - again we save real money.

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