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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Going Green - More Benefits

We are in the Technology business. We have about 30 computers that are used on the regular basis. Over the years we have collected a whole grave yard of old computers. Many years ago, it made sense to upgrade computers. Not anymore! Now-a-days it is cheaper to buy a new computer than to go through the hassle of upgrading. So we asked ourselves, how can we get rid of these computers without having a small landfill named after us? We looked around and found that less than 3 miles away from our offices is a computer recycling company. We found out that the company was willing to pay for our junk computers - they pay by the pound. We certainly did not have enough computer equipment to make any substantial amount of money. Instead we reached an agreement that has been working very well for both of us: we give them the old computers and they give us equipment. The equipment is usually pretty good and is perfect for the testing we need to do for our label software applications. I love going over there. It is like being a kid in a candy store. They have equipment that originally cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The best part - we can just pick it up and go. We have expanded our computer equipment recycling program to include all of our customers and friends, neighbors and family. We collect the old equipment and every once in a while make the trip to the recycling company and leave it there.
Over the years we have established such good relationship with the owner and his family that we are now good friends. They have become our customers. They have used our expertise in warehouse and inventory management to reorganize their warehouse, find the appropriate software for them (had to connect to QuickBooks) and help them in the implementation process. Some of the old computers we have had over the years, have been re-done and donated to local non-profit organizations, local needy families. I am just amazed by how recycling and community involvement are so tightly connected. That is one aspect of recycling I never knew about. We just love recycling, reusing and reducing.

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