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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Economy is down - Green is up

It seems that not a day goes by without hearing about how bad the economy is. We, like everyone else are trying to think how to save money. At least our business model is based on getting customers the best return on investment. Our solutions are usually very practical and end up saving our customers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in barcode equipment, software solutions, etc. As I was a little depressed today about the global economic situation, I needed something to lift my spirit up a little. I looked back at this blog - and then I thought, hey, we are doing it! We are saving money everyday with our recycling program. We also cut on overhead expenses by having people working from their homes. Our programmers, web designer and accountant are all working from their own home offices. That means that we do not have to pay high rent for a large place. In addition, they do not have to travel and pay the unbelievable amounts of money a gallon of gas costs these days. Yes, I know prices have gone down. But I still remember when a gallon was $0.68. Ok, maybe this was not a year ago, but still paying over $1.00 per gallon looks expensive to me. Thinking about much money we have saved, and how much money we have helped collect for the local school and community center by recycling, reusing and reducing lifted my spirit. We estimate that this year alone we will be saving several thousand dollars. Even if it was less than that - it still makes sense. After all every dollar counts toward the bottom line!

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