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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Marketing Plan for SMB on shoe string budget (part 5)

Marketing Plan for SMB on shoe string budget (part 5) Yes, I am awake. Working non-stop. According to our plan, we needed to market ourselves to vendors. I just did not expect the response we received. One company we talked to said our labeling solution is exactly what they were looking for. They developed a very nice package of warehouse and inventory management that is connected to QuickBooks.
They, like us, also believe that corporation between companies is beneficial to all. The customers gain the experience of specialized companies – like us. The companies working together can generate leads for each other. We both are able to offer our customers a better solution than we did before. They do not need to spend money on additional development and we gain access to new customers. We are now working on incorporating our software with theirs. We decided that the best way to market ourselves to these companies is through phone calls.
So here is the plan: Make an initial phone call – tell the company about us, what we do, how we do it, and our general business model. Follow up with email – Set a web demonstration to show them our software and various solutions we have to the issue of printing labels from various data sources.

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