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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Dad didn't just teach me how to walk; he also taught me how to succeed in business

I grew up around people who were all self-made business owners.  I always knew that I also wanted to have my own business but was not sure what I was good at. I went to school and worked for a while in Education, first teaching and then becoming a principal of a small private school.  Later, I switched fields, and started working for a private ISP (Internet Service Provider). It was time to make a change when I discovered that I was earning three times less than the men I was supervising.

My Dad - Danny Doron
I looked to my Dad who started his own business working alone, slowly building it up. His first shop was in an old metal building that he rented. His paper work was inside a shoe box and he had one employee. As he made money he invested it back in his business. The one small metal building, turned into another until he was able to buy his land and build his own buildings employing over 60 workers.  My Dad was not afraid to work hard. As the business owner, he was the Secretary, Bookkeeper, Sales Manager, Marketing Director, Chief Engineer, Foreman and Welder. 

Inspired by what I knew could be done, my husband and I set to start our own business. The requirements were laid before me:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Work hard (very hard)
  3. Be persistent
  4. Do not be afraid to take on challenges
  5. No Job is too small

A business does not build itself alone. You need customers and customers need good quality product with excellent service. My Dad would go to work every weekends and work through the night many times so that he could deliver to his customers a high quality product as promised when promised. If a piece of equipment broke, he would fix it, getting his clothe dirty and his hands black from machine grease.

When my husband and I started our business, I was prepared to work hard, and give it all I had. Every penny we made went right back into the business. We were not afraid to try new things. Our software company is doing well. We developed our own framework on which we build our various software applications. Although we work with large corporations, we also created a host of applications to work for small business utilizing common software – such as QuickBooks or Inventory systems.

The development of the software is directly tied to our customers. We encourage our customers to give us feedback and listen very carefully to their needs. As a result, we created software that is very powerful yet extremely easy to use. We solved problems we never knew existed! 

My Dad never taught me how to weld (although I wanted to learn).  Instead, he taught me to how to succeed in business by applying myself, working hard and being persistent.  Knowing what he achieved is inspiring me every day.

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