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Monday, April 25, 2011

TPGTEX Announces DrumWizard © V. 9 GHS Ready Labeling Software

OSHA is requiring all chemical manufacturers to be GHS complaint by August 2011. Is your company ready? DrumWizard © V.9 is GHS compliant software designed to address the needs of chemical manufacturers.
 DrumWizard GHS Compliant Labeling Software

GHS – Global Hazard Symbols is being adopted by many countries around the world.  In the United States several agencies have requirements for classification and labeling of chemicals. OSHA’s HCS – Hazard Communication Standard requires chemical manufacturers and importers to prepare labels and material safety data sheets to convey the hazards and protective measures to users of chemicals,  employees working in facilities that manufacture, handle and store the chemicals.  OSHA is expecting all manufacturers to be GHS compliant by August 2011.

DrumWizard ©  V.9 is GHS compliant software designed to address the needs of chemical manufacturers. It has the ability to store chemical information and print on demand labels for chemical products.  DrumWizard ©   was first installed almost 16 years ago in one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the United States who could not find, at the time, a suitable solution for print on demand. Since then, DrumWizard ©   has been updated and upgraded to comply with many requirements, including the need to print in multiple languages.

“DrumWizard ©  V. 9 is experiencing unprecedented deployment success,” said Robert Pennington, Founder and CEO of TPGTEX. “It has already surpassed  any previous version deployment rate. With the availability of full color printing of all GHS symbols, multiple languages including simple Chinese and Creole on one label and multiple graphic formats, we expect more customers to make the move to DrumWizard © V. 9.”

Many customers have already benefited from deploying DrumWizard © V. 9  “We were not sure how we were going to be in compliant with the GHS requirements, in addition we also had to ship our product to Europe and had to use the European phrases. It looked as if we were going to be in a big mess.” Said  Mr. Cox of Dixie Chemical “ We had a very short time to deploy the new software.” DrumWizard ©   Solved our problems. It came with all European phrases in 26 languages, all GHS symbols and best of all it can print on demand any label we needed to any printer we wanted.”  .

DrumWizard © V. 9 is available for shipping right now. It is compatible with windows 7, 64 bit, (However, the folks at TPGTEX understand that many companies still use older operating systems and made sure their software can be installed on older versions going all the way back to windows 2000.) It comes in several versions, from stand alone to enterprise solution. It has the ability to connect directly to existing data or can be used by itself.  Demo versions of the software are available upon request: or by calling the company directly 713.726.9636

TPGTEX is an experienced labeling and solutions provider of all aspects of Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC). They provide customers with labeling software solutions as well as Printers (both thermal and laser), Ribbons, and Labels. With over 25 years experience in the Hazardous, industrial and commercial Labeling business, their customers’ list includes both large corporations and small companies alike.


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