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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Choose Labeling Software?

There are several good label software packages available. Whether you are considering upgrading your current label design software or in the market for a brand new software you need to consider Several factors.
Shipping label software using multiple barcodes

1. Make a list of everything you would want on your label - What information will you need on the labels?
Typical product labels have Product Name, Short Description and UPC Bar Code. You may want to have price or even an image of your product. Answering this question will help you determine what type of ELEMENTS the label software must allow.
Label Elements are: Images (jpg, png, bmp etc.), types of barcodes (Linear, 2d, 3d,) and variety of barcodes (UPCA, EAN 13, Code 39, PDF 14), variety of text (Sizes, fonts, colors), Shapes. There are more labels elements, but this is for another blog.

2. Find Out where the information on the label is coming from. Is your product information stored in your inventory software, QuickBooks, Excel Spreadsheet? 

The answer to this will determine what type of Data Connection the label software must have. You may be surprised to find that although many software packages claim to have an ODBC connection capabilities, not all can connect to Inventory software or even QuickBooks.

Thermal Transfer Printer
3. How would the printing of labels be done? Would you have a printing station at your warehouse? Would you like your employees to print labels using mobile devices? 

Most advance label software packages start with a lite version and go all the way to enterprise level to allow for multiple users, printing from multiple devices. If you do not wish to install the software at all, you may choose a labeling software package that allows printing from a secure web portal. 

4. Do you plan on using your existing printer/s?  Are you planning on buying a new printer?

make sure the software you are getting has the correct printer drivers for your printers and operating system.

5. Are you exporting any of your products? Are you selling your products in a bi-lingual market?

Chemical Drum label with SIX languages

If so you need to be sure that your labeling software can accommodate the languages you need. In addition, you would want your software to be capable of printing in two languages or more on one label.

6. What is your budget? 

Labeling software can be found for free or shareware on the Internet - but it may not meet all your needs. On the other hand, Enterprise level packages can cost several thousand dollars.

Use this short check list when shopping around:
  • Data Base connectivity- Can it connect easily to the company's database?
  • Barcodes - does it have all the types of barcodes you will need?
  • Graphics - what kind of graphic files can be used?
  • Fit Text to Box - can the text be fitted inside a box automatically?
  • Versions - What versions are available? Server (enterprise Edition),
  • Printer Drivers - Can it use standard printer drivers? Does it have a printer driver for your current printer?
  • Compatibility - Is it compatible with your current operation system?
  • Languages - Does it support multiple languages? (using Unicode)
  • Support - What type of support is available for it and how much it costs?
  • Cost - How much does it cost? Does that fit your budget?

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