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Friday, October 16, 2009

Can I put upc and ean barcodes on one label?

We get this question many times. The simple answer is: Yes.
The image on the left is an example of a shipping label that has several barcodes on it. Each barcode is drown from a different field in a database.
This particular label has SSCC, Postal Code, and code 128.

A good label software program should allow you to do this and even add images.

You can read more about finding a good label software for your needs Here.

A label can have many "elements/objects" on it or just one. The printing of labels with multiple elements need to be considered as well. If you want to print graphics in full color you may want to use your inkjet printer. However, barcodes do not print well using this method. On the other hand, a color laser printer will be able to produce both full color images as well as clear barcodes.

The label on the right is an example of a label that was printed with black and white graphics and text using a thermal transfer printer with was/resin ribbon.

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