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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Going Green - It makes sense and we are expanding

We got excited about our success in recycling and reducing paper waste. We now started looking at more things we could do. The next thing on our agenda was cardboard boxes. We receive packages all the time. We like to keep original packaging of our expensive equipment. We had a room that was full of boxes. The regular brown boxes were usually tossed.
We took this in small steps. We started with our boxes for the expensive equipment. We decided to keep boxes of equipment that was still under warranty. That reduced the amount of boxes by about 80%. The rest of the boxes were assessed to determine if they could be reused. We ship packages ourselves. Usually we need small boxes as most of the equipment we ship is relatively small - barcode scanners, small thermal printers, rolls of labels, etc. We do not have a need for the big boxes. The ones that could not be reused were marked for recycling. We gained a room. Now as we get boxes they are either kept, reused or recycled. A small community center in our area is collecting the boxes. They sell them and using the money to pay for special programs for the kids they serve. Again, we saved money (we do not buy boxes any more and benefited our community.

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