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Friday, September 12, 2008

IKE is coming

I am not quite sure what to think of this. I have lived in Houston for 22 years. Usually they warn us, and then nothing happens. Just like when Rita hit. We were ordered to evacuate. We left on a Wednesday to go further inland – to Willis Texas. In Texas terms that is very close – only 60 miles away. Those were the longest 60 miles of my life. Yes, we were stuck in traffic for 18 hours. We could have walked faster. Two days after the storm past we were able to make it back. It took that long for a gas station to open and dispense the allotted 8 gallons per car. The place we stayed at did not have power since the night of the storm. When we got home, we discovered that nothing happened here. It was at that time that we decided never to evacuate again. People are saying this storm is going to be bad. They asked everyone in Houston to stay put and free the roads for the cost line residents. They do need to evacuate. By orders (strong suggestions) from the Mayor’s office and the County Judge, no one is going to work today and school has been cancelled. It is beautiful outside. I went to visit with all the neighbors to check who is staying and who is leaving. Everyone is staying. We promised to help each other, in case we will be with out electricity this weekend. We disconnected all the computers at work and lifted everything off the floor – in case of flooding. We got plenty of water that we are freezing now. If the electricity is going to go out, our frozen water can keep the freezer cold for at least 2 additional days. We have a gas stove, gas water heater, gas grill, battery operated radio, plenty of batteries, flash lights and candles. We stocked on can goods and have a manual can opener. They are saying we should fill the bath tub with water – we will do that.

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